Campus FP IVT is an international training project, division of the company Formación y Educación Integral (F.E.I. S.L.), founded in 1997, specialized in the provision of Professional Training services aimed at Companies, Professionals and Students.

Campus FP-IVT is configured as a solid Professional and University institution with international coverage that offers the opportunities and routes of progression in a modular way with a differentiated system and tailored to the student.

Campus FP-IVT has signed an agreement with IFE-Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Madrid to collaboratively offer an unprecedented proposal in Spain for international training leading to the achievement of accreditations at levels regulated by FQUAL, 4, 5, 6 and 7 in accordance with the British Educational System, taught in English to contribute to a better understanding of the economic context of Madrid society and to promote new business and international trade opportunities.



The acquisition of skills based on professional and academic competences is a safe educational bet that in Campus FP IVT we call "formation360". An innovative concept that allows us to visualize a differentiating education model, the result of the combination of the most relevant educational systems with international coverage to effectively achieve the projection of the professional and academic future of our students.

In this way, Campus FP IVT puts an end to the existing divorce between academic and vocational training. In this sense and after a long experience in the search for practical and concrete answers, we have elaborated our own philosophy and exclusive programs.



The degrees awarded by the Spanish Chambers of Commerce are backed by extensive recognition:

The Chambers of Commerce are considered the most recognized training institutions in Spain and Europe, standing out even among the great Business Schools.

They are the standard bearers of quality and are backed by more than a century of history, being the oldest public law entity among those in their area of influence.

They form part of the list of the most influential business training organisations on the national and international scene. The Chambers of Commerce are present in more than 150 nations around the world. The list includes countries in Central and Northern Europe such as Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands, as well as American countries such as the USA and Brazil.

The Chambers as an official body are Public Law Entities. Furthermore, the regulations include their function as an educational institution authorized to teach business training programs (this is established by Law 4/2014, of April 1, Basic of the Official Chambers of Commerce, Industry, Services and Navigation, and Law 2/2014, of December 16).

The Chambers of Commerce, through the Spanish Chamber of Commerce, are part of the network of Chambers of Commerce of Europe - Eurochambres, which is made up of 45 nations. This fact reinforces their recognition as an international institution.